We are in search of the industry’s best managers.  As a Manager, you earn supplemental income, which can take you to a commission split of 150% or more!

Experience The Brodkin Group Difference!

Manager Training Program

Your success is our success.  That’s why we’ve developed an exclusive manager training program designed for you to build your team as swiftly as possible.  We want to leverage and enhance your management skills and take you to a whole new level.  Our 6 module series will walk you through each step of the process from recruiting, coaching, to accountability.  To the right, you’ll see an overview of the program.  Simply click the + sign to learn about each module.

Tools & Systems for Success

After your initial onboarding, you’ll be introduced to the tools and systems and have helped us to become one of the largest Teams in the nation.  We are always looking for ways of making managing the team more efficient and effective ~ your input will be vital to that process.

Coaching & Leadership Support

You will never be on your own with us.  Support is the name of the game at The Brodkin Group.  Just as you will be there to support the agents on your team, we’ll be right there to support you.  Our Management Team is truly that, a Team.  We collaborate and help to move each other forward.

Experience The Brodkin Group Difference!

#1 ~ Recruiting Agents to Your Team

Recruiting sources, scripts, TBG recruiting presentation and the 5 steps to an effective interview. Recruiting follow-up techniques. Closing, objection handling, and onboarding new agents to your team.

#2 ~ Understanding Communication & Personality Styles

How to leverage the DISC and Color Personality Tests for sales, coaching and recruiting. A review of the four core personality and three communication styles. An overview of the basic of NLP.

#3 ~ Top Producer 8i for Your Business, Recruiting & Coaching

Think Top Producer is old school, then you haven’t seen Top Producer 8i!  How to use Top Producer for your personal business, recruiting follow-up and coaching your agents.

#4 ~ Coaching Agents to Success

Mastering the key coaching skills – Ask Effective Questions, Listen, Observe, Feedback, Empower. Coaching the effective real estate business systems. Accountability with your agents.

#5 ~ Effective Time Management & Organization Strategies

An overview of time and resource management strategies, the perfect week, getting things done and project management tools and resources.

#6 ~ Mastering LinkedIn for Recruiting & Business Building

Leverage Your All-Star LinkedIn Profile to identify and attract quality agents to join your team. Learn advanced search and connection strategies.

Leverage the Unique Value Propositions of The Brodkin Group to Grow Your Team

Commission Options Centered Around YOU!

We offer 2 commission options so that you can maximize your earning potential in alignment with your experience in the real estate business.  Our plans are aggressive compared to industry standards.Studies have shown that the support and training that agents receive, especially when newer to the business will exponentially increase the speed of their earning potential.

Our Agent Value Proposition

Top Producer CRM/Website Suite
Personalized Mobile App
Listing & Open House Signs
Customized Listing Presentation
Marketing Templates
Free Business Cards, Name tag
Administrative and TC support
Strategic vendor support

Leads! Leads! Leads!

Tired of receiving dead end, tired leads?  Our NEW Leads Program was developed to provide warm leads so that you can close them more quickly.  The Leads Team is trained on the most effective ways of working with online buyers and work through them through a system so that they can track, manage, close, and get paid.  Discover The Brodkin Group Lead Difference Today!

Get a Grip

Our Revenue Share GRIP (Group Residential Income Partnership) Program allows any Brodkin Realty Group Team Member to be eligible to earn 2-4% commission of the gross commission income (GCI) of new agents referred to The Brodkin Group.


Bring 1...You're FREE for 3 months!

We’ve found that our agents have a knack for bringing in top talent to the team.  We are strong because of the bond that we share and we want you to refer other agents like you!  If you bring in 1 agent and they sign with Home Connect America, your monthly office fees are waived for 3 months!

Niches for Riches

Unlock the secret to success by focusing on the niches that fit your expertise.  We have designated areas of expertise, lead by highly skilled agents in our Team, from New Home Sales to Lifestyle Communities where you can get additional support and guidance so that you can better guide your buyers and sellers through the transaction process.

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