Honoring Our Heroes

The Program

$1000 contribution to closing costs from the gross commission at close of escrow to qualified participants who purchase or list and sell a property with The Brodkin Group.

Qualified participants include:

  • Armed Forces Veterans (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard)
  • Active military personnel
  • Active or retired first responders and other “heroes”
    • Police Officers/Law Enforcement
    • Firefighters
    • Homeland Security
    • FEMA
    • Paramedics
    • Nurses, Doctors, Medical Professionals
    • Teachers

Admin process

  • TBG agents utilize marketing materials to promote the program as desired for lead generation
  • Verify eligibility of the buyer or seller (check with lender for verification of employment, DD214 for veterans, etc.)
  • Instruct escrow to amend the Escrow Instructions with a credit of $1000 from the commission due to ROG/TBG to be applied to the buyer or seller closing costs upon successful close of escrow
  • Submit the commission instruction for TBG approval and Broker signature per normal procedures
  • TBG will participate in the reduction in commission per agent split for the qualified transaction

Marketing Materials – see below

  • 7 flyers to choose from – generic and customizable
  • Press Release announcing the program


Q:  If I use the marketing materials to generate my own leads, do I get paid on my normal split with TBG?


Q:  How does the commission breakdown work?

A: TBG will participate in the reduction in commission per your split for the qualified transaction

Example HoH Transaction

$300,000 Sales Price

3% commission = $9,000

$1000 credit at escrow = $8,000 commission check to ROG

Your split (65% for example) = $5,850

TBG split (35%) = $2,150

Q: For Buyers, what closing costs can the $1000 be applied to?

A: Any of the costs on the Closing Statement and as allowable by the lender.  Closing costs include lender fees, escrow and title fees, ROG fees, transaction fees, home warranty, and any other buyer costs listed on the closing statement.  Escrow will apply the $1000 credit per the Commission Instruction signed by the broker.

Q: For Sellers, how does the $1000 credit work?

A:  When you list a property owned by one of the qualifying Heroes, you will reduce your listing commission by $1000.  For example, you take a 6% listing and in the additional terms area you add this verbiage “$1,000 reduction in total commission owed by seller to be applied at successful close of escrow via the closing statement.” 

Q: How is The Brodkin Group promoting this program and how do I qualify for any leads generated by TBG?

A:  TBG will promote the Honoring Our Heroes Program as follows:

  • Honoring Our Heroes page on www.TheBrodkingGroup.com
  • Press Release distribution
  • Connect with targeted HR departments to promote the program (schools, hospitals, fire, police, etc.)
  • Promotion on all TBG social media channels
  • Targeted advertising (Facebook Ads, Pay per click campaign)

If you are interested in participating in the program and receiving leads that may be generated by TBG marketing efforts, please notify Terrie Weaver.

  • Any leads generated via TBG efforts to be distributed to those agents who commit to the program on a 50/50 split

Program Flyers & PR

Category Flyers – Editable

Category Flyers  – TBG.com