The Brodkin Training Method

The Challenge

Most agents are not successful due to the following reasons:

  • Selection of the wrong brokerage
  • Lack of a business plan
  • Insufficient funds to market and brand
  • Sphere of influence is limited
  • Poor work ethic

The Solution

The Brodkin Group and Training Method provides the solution to those challenges by laying the solid foundation for a successful real estate career.  The comprehensive training program is conducted via live, interactive classroom environment and also as an on-demand, online course.

The DNA for Real Estate Success

Training Modules

Video Lessons


Business Systems

Amazing Result

23 Building Blocks for Your Real Estate Career Success

~ Join Rich and view an example of The Brodkin Training Method in the video below and then click the tabs to see the course curriculum

#1 ~ TBG Orientation, Culture and Keys to Success
In this orientation module, we will cover the culture of The Brodkin Group and establish the expectations for the training program.  Learn the keys to a lasting real estate career and six steps to new agent success.


#2 ~ Business Plan, Goal Setting and the Sales Buffet
In this module you will establish clearly defined, SMART goals for your business and all areas of your life.  You will also create your real estate business plan and be introduced to the sales buffet of over 50 activities to generate leads.




#3 ~ Power of Your Database and Sphere of Influence
Develop your initial sphere of influence and connect with them to introduce your real estate services.  Learn how to successfully maintain and grow your database to effectively generate leads and repeat and referral business.





#4 ~ Lead Generation and Conversion
In this module you will learn to develop the habit of prospecting as a cornerstone for your long-term success in the real estate business. Discover the variety of methods and strategies for lead generation and proactive prospecting to attract, convert and close more business.





#5 ~ Understanding Personality & Communication Styles in Sales
In this module we will review the four core personality styles and three primary communication preferences in people and how it translates to better sales and customer service. It starts with understanding your styles and preferences first.  Learn how to build rapport and communicate effectively with the different personality types.






#6 ~ Effective Open Houses
Open Houses are one of the most cost effective, productive and profitable uses of your time when conducted properly.  In this module, you will discover how to effectively prepare, conduct and follow-up after an open house.




#7 ~ MLS - Matrix
In this training you will learn how to use the MLS software (Matrix) to search and save properties for your buyers, add contacts and setup searches.  Learn how to read an MLS printout and the various reports/printouts.




#8 ~ Buyer Consultation, Showing Properties and Closing for the Sale
In this training module, you will learn how to qualify a prospective buyer and conduct a consultation to determine their wants and needs.  We will also demonstrate the art of showing properties to your buyers that lead to closing for a sale.





#9 ~ Residential Purchase Agreement Kit
In this workshop, we will review in detail the residential purchase agreement and all required addenda and documents for a complete sales package.




#10 ~ Mortgage & Financing
Understanding the basics of mortgages and the loan process will increase your confidence and allow you to structure better offers and counteroffers when representing your clients.  In this class, we will cover financing fundamentals including Conventional, FHA, VA and other loan programs, buyer qualification and the loan approval process.




#11 ~ Working with Sellers & the Listing Presentation
This module will cover how to find and qualify sellers; preparing for the listing presentation; how to customize the TBG Listing & Marketing Proposal and conducting the actual listing presentation with the sellers.



#12 ~ Listing Kit
In this training module, we will go over all of the paperwork required for a Listing including the listing agreement, all disclosures and documents for Nevada.
#13 ~ CMA & Pricing Properties to Sell
In this module, you will learn all about the comparative market analysis (CMA).  Discover the keys to success for researching and selecting the best “comps” for a subject property and pricing a listing to sell.  Video tutorials demonstrating how to use the MLS and CMA functions are included.
#14 ~ Personal & Listing Marketing
Develop and implement effective marketing plans to promote both your listings and your services as a real estate professional.  We will cover all the tools and strategies to market and advertise your listings both online and offline.  Discover personal marketing ideas and techniques to promote your business.
#15 ~ Farming for Listings
In this training you will learn how to effectively research, select and jump-start a geographical farm and then how to consistently market to the homeowners to cultivate future listings.
#16 ~ Life of an Escrow-Preliminary Title Report
In this module you will learn the entire escrow and closing process from A to Z.  Topics covered include: opening escrow, escrow instructions, reading and understanding the preliminary title report, clearing liens or clouds on title, and the closing appointment.
#17 ~ Checklist to Get Paid

Don’t overlook this module, as you will get excellent tips, insights and instruction on how to stay organized during your transactions so that you will have no delay in getting paid!  Learn how to submit a new transaction to TBG and what documents are required in your transaction file to be in compliance.

#18 ~ Negotiation Techniques
Learn the tactics and strategies to becoming a successful negotiator in this training module.  We will cover the types of buyers and sellers and how to work more effectively with each and also how to handle multiple offer scenarios.
#19 ~ Scripts and Objection Handling
Practicing scripts, dialogues and objection handing techniques for common scenarios with buyers and sellers is critical for your overall success.  In this module, we provide a variety of scripts for you to download, customize and practice.  Watch Rich Brodkin and Team Manager Adam Jackson role-play closing for the appointment and overcoming common objections.
#20 ~ Expireds-FSBO’s-NOD’s-Withdrawals
In this training you will learn specific strategies on working with Expired or Withdrawn Listings, For Sale By Owners, and other target markets like distressed properties.  Scripts, dialogues, sample letters are included to help you implement a prospecting and follow-up system.
#21 ~ Selling New Homes
In this module you will discover the benefits of knowing the new construction market when working with buyers.  Topics covered include: why sell new homes, selling the benefits to the buyer, why your buyer needs buyer representation, finding the right property, the new home sales process and marketing new homes.
#22 ~ Social Media Marketing
In this module you will learn how to create and execute a social media marketing strategy that will be most effective for you.  We will cover establishing your overall goals for social media in your business and discovering which platforms are recommended.  Overviews of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and You Tube are included.
#23 ~ Master Top Producer 8i Suite of Tools for Your Business
This training module includes a series of how-to tutorials for leveraging all of the tools in your Top Producer Success Suite.  Learn how to configure your account; setup the Housing Tends newsletter & key action plans; setup Market Snapshot, Fivestreet and your Website.  We will also cover how to effectively use all of the main areas in the CRM: contacts, listings & closings, marketing, and Top Producer Tools (widgets and landing pages).

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