TBRG Manager Training Program
This course was designed to support The Brodkin Realty Group Managers in the recruiting, training and coaching of team agents.
Module 1 Recruiting Agents to Your Team
Recruiting sources, scripts, TBRG recruiting presentation and the 5 steps to an effective interview. Recruiting follow-up techniques. Closing, objection handling and onboarding new agents to your team.
Unit 1 Module 1 Overview & Downloads
Unit 2 The 7-Step Attraction Model
Unit 3 TBG Affiliation Proposal (Recruiting Presentation)
Unit 4 Leverage the Career Page & Social Media
Unit 5 Five Steps to an Effective Interview
Unit 6 90 Day Plan to Onboard New Team Associate
Unit 7 Retaining Quality, Productive Professionals
Unit 8 Let’s Get to Work!
Module 2 Understanding Communication & Personality Styles
How to leverage the DISC and Color Personality Tests for sales, coaching and recruiting. A review of the four core personality and three communication styles. An overview of the basic of NLP.
Unit 1 Lesson 1 - Overview & Downloads
Unit 2 Lesson 2 - The Four Personality Styles
Unit 3 Lesson 3 - Three Ways People Communicate
Unit 4 Lesson 4 - How to Manage the Four Personality Styles
Unit 5 Lesson 5 - The DISC Assessment
Unit 6 Lesson 6 - The Colors Personality Test
Unit 7 Lesson 7 - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Basics
Unit 8 Lesson 8 - Let’s Get to Work!
Module 3 Top Producer 8i for Your Business, Recruiting & Coaching
How to use Top Producer for your personal business, recruiting follow-up and coaching your agents.
Unit 1 Lesson 1 - Overview & Downloads
Unit 2 Lesson 2: Configuring Your Account & All Settings
Unit 3 Lesson 3: Dashboard Overview; Housing Trends Newsletter & Action Plan
Unit 4 Lesson 4: Contacts: Importing, Adding, Types, Lead Sources and Search
Unit 5 Lesson 5: Creating Your Recruiting Action Plans
Unit 6 Lesson 6: Leverage Top Producer CRM to Coach and Retain Your Agents
Unit 7 Lesson 7: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 4 Coaching Agents to Success
Mastering the key coaching skills - Ask Effective Questions, Listen, Observe, Feedback, Empower. Coaching the effective real estate business systems. Accountability with your agents.
Unit 1 Lesson 1: Overview & Downloads
Unit 2 Lesson2 - Business Coaching Principles & Key Skills
Unit 3 Lesson 3 - The Coaching Process
Unit 4 Lesson 4 - The 90-Day Onboarding Manual
Unit 5 Lesson 5 - Leadership & Culture
Unit 6 Lesson 6 - How to Run and Effective Team Meeting
Unit 7 Lesson 7 - Let's Get to Work!
Module 5 Effective Time Management & Organization Strategies
An overview of time and resource management strategies, the perfect week, getting things done and project management tools and resources.
Unit 1 Lesson 1: Overview & Downloads
Unit 2 Lesson 2: Manager Perfect Week and Time-Blocking
Unit 3 Lesson 3: Getting Things Done (GTD)
Unit 4 Lesson 4: Evernote for Business
Unit 5 Lesson 5: Productivity Tools & Apps
Unit 6 Lesson 6: Let’s Get to Work!
Module 6 Mastering LinkedIn for Recruiting & Business Building
Leverage Your All-Star LinkedIn Profile to identify and attract quality agents to join your team. Learn advanced search and connection strategies.
Unit 1 Lesson 1 - Overview & Downloads
Unit 2 Lesson 2 - How to Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile
Unit 3 Lesson 3 - How to Get More Recommendations
Unit 4 Lesson 4 - Leverage the Publisher Platform
Unit 5 Lesson 5 - Use Advanced Search to Connect for Business & Recruiting
Unit 6 Lesson 6 - The Daily 5 Connection Plan
Unit 7 Lesson 7 - Let’s Get to Work!
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